Saint Vincent is probably one of the most famous places in Valle d’Aosta, thanks also to the “Casino de la Vallée”, one of the most renowned and largest casinos in Europe.

Gently lying on the hillside, in a welcoming valley protected from the wind, with an extraordinary microclimate, to the extent that it is known as the Alps Riviera, with mild winters and cool summers at an altitude of 575 metres. Centrally located with respect to the valley axis and close to the Valtournenche entrance, Saint-Vincent boasts archaeological findings from pre-Roman times.

Spa and Resort&Casino

The new thermal spring, discovered in 1770, was called Fons Salutis (the spring of health) for its desiccative curative properties.

During the recent redevelopment work on the thermal spa facilities, a modern wellness centre was added to the original spa treatment centre.

The Casino of Saint-Vincent represent one o the biggest and prestigious gambling house of Europe. Situated in the town’s frame and surrounded by four among the tallest mountains in Europe, such as Mont Blanc, Mont Rose, Matterhorn and Gran Paradiso.

situated only 90 km from Turin and 150 km from Milan.

Ski and winter activities

There is small resort named Colle di Joux perfect for beginners. The small area at an altitude of 1.647m, in a beautiful panoramic position, it has 7 km of easy slopes and a recent opening of a snow playground.