Casino of Saint Vincent in Aosta Valley

The prestigious Casino of Saint Vincent

The Casino of Saint Represents one of the biggest and prestigious gambling house of Europe. Situated in Saint-Vincent’s frame and surrounded by four among the tallest mountains in Europe, such as Mont Blanc, Mont Rose, Mattherhorn and Gran Paradiso, the structure is countersigned for its privileged position in the centre of Aosta Valley; it’s, in […]

Chatillon beautiful traditions

Chatillon, beautiful Aosta Valley traditions

In a beautiful sun drenched gorge, overhung by Monte Zerbion (2719m) at an altitude of 549 metres, Châtillon extends across a vast gorge on two of the Dora Baltea slopes and the Marmore river, with the Monte Zerbion to the north and the Barbeston and Cima Nera to the south. The town grew up at […]

Champoluc on of the best ski resorts

Champoluc wonderful ski resort

Champoluc is the largest resort in the Monterosa region, a huge ski area also known as Italy’s very own “Three Valleys”. Surrounded by wooded terrain and based at one end of the Monterosa ski area (with Gressoney in the central valley and Alagna on the far side), Champoluc boasts spectacular views of the region’s dramatic […]

Courmayeur in its winter alway beautiful

Courmayeur, a prestigious village

Courmayeur is a traditional Italian resort full of character, and surrounded by spectacular scenery. The centre of the village is car-free with plenty of shops, restaurants and bars, and a fabulous après-ski scene. Meanwhile the mountain slopes are best for intermediate skiers, although experts will love the heliskiing and off-piste opportunities. Alpine skiing in the […]

Saint Vincent small city full of beauty

Saint Vincent, small city big beauty

Saint Vincent is probably one of the most famous places in Valle d’Aosta, thanks also to the “Casino de la Vallée”, one of the most renowned and largest casinos in Europe. Gently lying on the hillside, in a welcoming valley protected from the wind, with an extraordinary microclimate, to the extent that it is known […]

Aosta, city in the middle of Aosta Valley ski resorts

Aosta, capital of Aosta Valley

Aosta is the principal city of Aosta Valley, a bilingual region in the Italian Alps, 110 km (68 mi) north-northwest of Turin. It is situated near the Italian entrance of the Mont Blanc Tunnel, at the confluence of the Buthier and the Dora Baltea, and at the junction of the Great and Little St. Bernard […]

Sky Way the highes cable car of the Europe

Skyway Valle Blanche Tramway

Skyway Monte Bianco, the new Mont Blanc cableways, enable you to set out on a magical journey that is mapped out in accordance with the shape of the land as it reaches for the sky. As walking for long distances is not required, this experience can be enjoyed by everyone, unless health problems make it […]

Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa, beauty of the Alps

The Monte Rosa is a huge ice covered mountain in the Alps, located on the watershed between northern and southern Europe. Its main summit, named Dufourspitze in honor of the surveyor Guillaume-Henri Dufour, culminates at 4,634 metres (15,203 ft) above sea level and is followed by the three nearly equally high subsidiary summits of Nordend,Zumsteinspitze and […]

The fortress of Bard and its beauty

Fortress of Bard, Aosta Valley

Fortress of Bard is a fortified complex built in the 19th century by the House of Savoy on a rocky prominence above Bard, a town and municipality in the Aosta Valley region of northwestern Italy. Fort Bard Has Been completely restored after many years of neglect. In 2006 it reopened to tourists as the Museum […]

Pont Saint Martin Old Bridge

Pont Saint Martin and its history

Pont-Saint-Martin allows you the opportunity to spend a few pleasant hours in the open air, surrounded by greenery, hundred year old chestnut and birch trees in Bousc Daré, or in the public gardens on the banks of the river Lys. Also worth mentioning are the excursions to Suzey (Ivery) where you will find the ruins […]